Upcoming Projects

So, it's been awhile since I've updated the blog, but I have SO much to put down!

I'm doing a collaboration comic with a friend of mine, called PC-579 that I hope to finish in time for PIX, the Pittsburgh Indy comics festival held here!

I'll be tabling at PIX next year! I'll have some new prints as well as earrings to sell too! And hopefully some new comics/zines out.

I'm creating an Etsy shop to sell said earrings when not at conventions! Stay posted to the blog for more upcoming information!

I'm now involved in the Magical Girl Wrestling Federation! a charity league which donates their proceeds to charities benefiting Lgbt+ youth! I'll be making some new art for them, and maybe wrestling :o Keep an eye on them, there are talks of a kickstarter coming up!!

So much to do! So much coming up! Keep checking back!