SHOP Till you DROP (please don't)

Hey Babes!

You probably noticed that I’ve had ‘books & prints‘ listed on my site for a HAUTE MINUTE, but there wasn’t anything there….

I’ve come to change that, i’m slowly listing my stock on the newly dubbed Shop tab of my website! I’m still figuring things out, so please be patient with me.

I’m looking into keeping shipping affordable and I’m also learning how to set discounts and such (If you’ve met me while vending you know that I reduce the price the when multiple prints are purchased.)

It’s not completely live just yet, but it’s coming!

Stay tuned!


Hey everybody, long time no text! I've got some exciting news coming your way! 

First of all I have a SKETCH ZINE!! It's called Tasty Fresh, and it has some of my favorite sketches and drawings from my current sketchbook! It's up on Gumroad, link will be at the bottom of this post, only 3 bucks! 

Second! I'm taking part in a LIVE PAINTING event at the August Wilson Center!  October 14th starting around 9pm! You'll have the chance to BID on my art! It's going to be COOOOL af. I'll try to bring some prints + pins to sell too *eyebrow waggle*

Third! I'm planning on launching a shop on my website soon, etsy has been a hassle and isn't too intuitive for some of the work I have... Gonna try and go it alone.

Stay tuned!


Gumroad and Impending Etsy Drop

Hello all! Long time no see! 

I've been hard at work on the next part of Sick! and have finished a new comic called Fungus Queen! They're both currently on my BRAND NEW GUMROAD RIGHT HERE!

Part 1 of Sick and flight are listed as pay what you want, since they're already listed on this website! But if you feel the urge to pay your local artist because you're a fan, go right ahead

I have more things going on! Stay tuned for an ETSY SHOP slated to drop November 26th I'll have physical copies of comics, art prints, as well as pins and original art! ALL IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!

Cool Kids News Post

Hello Helloooo~ 

It's been awhile since I made a post,  I'm beginning to believe having a blog on my website is more trouble than it's worth because I end up posting updates to other social media outlets more. 

Sick Part 2 is out and has been printed in a small run, the style is the same, but was inked by hand, once I get a handle on how I want the comic to look I plan on updating it in webcomic format while still taking B&W prints of it to indie comic shows. 

Science Woman is on hold for a bit, I want to make it a full color comic and I want it to be AMAZING, and I can't do that just yet sadly. Gotta tie up some storytelling and tighten up the style more ;) But it's on it's way, never fear! 

Upcoming Projects

So, it's been awhile since I've updated the blog, but I have SO much to put down!

I'm doing a collaboration comic with a friend of mine, called PC-579 that I hope to finish in time for PIX, the Pittsburgh Indy comics festival held here!

I'll be tabling at PIX next year! I'll have some new prints as well as earrings to sell too! And hopefully some new comics/zines out.

I'm creating an Etsy shop to sell said earrings when not at conventions! Stay posted to the blog for more upcoming information!

I'm now involved in the Magical Girl Wrestling Federation! a charity league which donates their proceeds to charities benefiting Lgbt+ youth! I'll be making some new art for them, and maybe wrestling :o Keep an eye on them, there are talks of a kickstarter coming up!!

So much to do! So much coming up! Keep checking back!

Whelp, This is Embarassing

As I was giving this website a once over, I deleted my previous blog from the entire site. Not too much of a big deal, seeing as there were only two posts. But I learned a lesson



(that's debatable, I didn't learn anything)


Welcome to my newly touched up site, enjoy your stay, keep checking back for more updates.