Hey everybody, long time no text! I've got some exciting news coming your way! 

First of all I have a SKETCH ZINE!! It's called Tasty Fresh, and it has some of my favorite sketches and drawings from my current sketchbook! It's up on Gumroad, link will be at the bottom of this post, only 3 bucks! 

Second! I'm taking part in a LIVE PAINTING event at the August Wilson Center!  October 14th starting around 9pm! You'll have the chance to BID on my art! It's going to be COOOOL af. I'll try to bring some prints + pins to sell too *eyebrow waggle*

Third! I'm planning on launching a shop on my website soon, etsy has been a hassle and isn't too intuitive for some of the work I have... Gonna try and go it alone.

Stay tuned!